Ayva Pharma

Gulf Territories exclusive distributor of:


International Exporters

of medicines direct to
the Middle East, Africa & Caribbean

Fulfilling Distribution

Working with committed affiliates and strategic partners, we meticulously distribute innovative pharmaceutical products across all Gulf Territories.

Successful Registration

Using our immense local expertise, we can successfully introduce and register commercial medicines into the Middle East.

Meeting Market Shortages

We understand the significant impact that drug shortages can have; with our in-depth industry knowledge, we work with highly reliable suppliers to fulfill any needs.

Why use Ayva Pharma?

Drug requests supplied 83%
Orders delivered within two weeks 76%
Drugs sourced from within the UK 80%

Ayva Pharma Ltd is a professional, flexible team of experts, working directly with specialist manufacturers in the UK and EU to exclusively distribute their pharmaceutical products direct to reputable partners throughout the Middle East and Africa.

We honour our uncompromising commitment to quality throughout each stage of the process, from introduction through registration and distribution, guaranteeing that there is strict adherence to all protocols, and every demand has been meticulously met.

What we do:

arrow-icon We distribute innovative pharmaceutical products across the Middle East and Africa.
arrow-icon We simplify the process for pharmaceutical manufacturers; offering a full registration, marketing, logistics and distribution service.
arrow-icon We source and supply a vast range of medicines to fulfill market drug shortage needs.

We pride ourselves in keeping
clients needs met and satisfied while
delivering the best service possible

So we finished the delivery process after unpacking and counting everything. Everything went very well and we are very impressed with your company. Let me tell you we deal with a number of suppliers worldwide and this was the best service we got so far.

For information on how Ayva Pharma can help call us on +44 (0) 1283 732181